Cameron Jones
Welcome Cam Jones

Welcome CAM!!! Congratulations on making that choice to work on behalf of our clients, customers and friends! We know you’ll bring new ideas and energy to the team! We are excited knowing that you’ll shake things up just a little bit. You will be a change-maker and a solution-finder!

What we do in 30 seconds or less

Your work revolves around Electro-Magnetic Energy or RF Energy. You have challenges in trying to amplify, attenuate, control or avoid that energy. The firms we represent are the top tier solution providers who have imagined and now manufacture products for this niche market area. If you experience EMI (interference) problems, we will help you eliminate those issues and reach EMC (compliance) instead.

How can we help?

We save you time & trouble in researching and offering the solutions you need. When you have a question or problem, give us a call. You can count on an agnostic appraisal and honest recommendations. We will always preference our Principals, but we will present you with the facts and options so you can make cost-effective decisions to build up your own corporate test capabilities.

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