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Your work is revolves around Electro-Magnetic Energy. You occasionally have challenges in trying to amplify, attenuate, control or avoid that energy. We are a Manufacturer's Representative firm focused on EM energy-related products. The firms we represent are the solution providers who have imagined and now manufacture products for this niche market area. If you experience EMI (interference) problems, we will help you eliminate those issues and reach EMC (compliance) instead.

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There is lot of available reference information to solve EMI problems. We are doing our job for you when we help you save time and trouble by offering a shortcut to the solutions you need. When you have a question or a problem, give us a call. Let us give you an agnostic appraisal. We will do our best for you! Although we will always preference our Principals, we will present you with the facts you need to make cost-effective decisions and build up your corporate test capabilities.