The EMCmini series of conferences are scheduled on an as-needed basis. They provide a high-value, low cost training venue for new engineers who are just getting started into EMC Test technology as well as experienced engineers who want more details on a particular aspect of EMC compliance testing. Most other venues that offer similar training are usually either priced at much more prohibitive levels or offer highly specialized training that may be ineffective for the new engineer. The EMCmini Seminars are designed to give the EMC Engineer or Technician a friendly and useful place for practical training, procedures and techniques rather than becoming immersed into theoretical baseline information.

Elastomeric Specialties, Inc.

Elastomeric Specialties, Inc., manufactures Specialty compounds, compression molded and die cut elastomer products. We develop each product to the requirements and specifications of our clients.
New? Different? That's OK - "Specialty" products is what we are about. Our experience includes the manufacture of electrically and thermally conductive elastomer products, silicone based adhesives that exhibit superior EMI/RFI/EMP characteristics, low outgassing space environment elastomers, and elastomers that perform in adverse conditions. The ESI team has over 25 year experience in the elastomeric field. We currently design many custom products for the Aerospace and the Missile and Space Industries in sub- and direct Government contracts.


ERIS EMC & RF Instrument Solutions is a Full Service Distributor dedicated to Bridging the Gap between Quality and Value.

We are proud to offer the Prima EMC line of Transient Generators. We offer EMC Test Instruments covering the IEC61000-4 Specifications including ESD Generators, EFT/Burst Generators, Surge Generators, Dips and Drops Generators for Voltage Variations, Ring Wave for UL943 and UL764E, Magnetic Pulse and Magnetic Power Frequency Generators along with Automotive Pulse Generators for the ISO 7637 Standards. Our Transient Generators are Fully Integrated Self Contained instruments and do not require additional add on auxiliary equipment or modules therefore reducing the setup time and complexity of the test setup.

Anechoic Systems

Anechoic Systems Inc established its roots in 1980 with AEMI focused on the manufacture and installation of microwave absorbing materials. Anechoic Systems, LLC became a California LLC in 2005 and continues still today the collaboration efforts of the founders of AEMI - Gabrial & Barbara Sanchez along with Leland Hemming.

Dynamic Sciences International, Inc.

DSII serves our customers with 40 years of design and manufacturing experience for test and measurement equipment. Our product line includes EMI, TEMPEST test receivers and systems including surveillance products and a wide range of specialized antennas. DSII products excel in both the government and commercial markets. DSII produces compliant equipment to meet all CISPR, TEMPEST, MIL-STD testing and automotive requirements.

Detectus AB

Detectus AB is a Swedish company that develops, manufactures and sells EMC test systems worldwide. We are dedicated to provide market leading EMC scanning technology to the electronics industry in general and the cell phone industry in particular. Using our Nearfield EMC Scanning System during design enables you to detect emission problems before they become integrated into the product and expansive to correct.

A.H. Systems, Inc.

AH Systems (established in 1974) manufactures a complete line of affordable, reliable, EMI test equipment. Our individually calibrated EMI Test Antennas, Preamplifiers, Current Probes, LNAs and Low-Loss Cables are used to satisfy many test standards including CISPR, MIL-STD, FCC, EN, VDE, IEC and SAE. We are also committed to providing all of our clients with no cost prompt and professional technical support.


Nexio - EMC is our thing! BAT-EMC by Nexio answers to the increasing productivity and quality requirements of immunity and emission tests. It is widely used in private laboratories and companies in the civil, automotive, military and aerospace sectors worldwide. BAT-EMC is a test bench integration, management and control software package developed by NEXIO since 1995. Our library of device drivers is available to our users free of charge. This library is regularly updated with an average of ten new device drivers yearly.

Pyro Spectaculars

PyroSpec — With an iron-clad commitment to highest level of service to our customers and all governing fire authorities, we use the finest resources in the industry to provide a safe, cost-efficient, and, well… spectacular fireworks show each time, every time, all the time.

Gauss Instruments - Highest measurement speed. Highest accuracy. Incredible dynamic range. New operation modes. The TDEMI eXtreme (TDEMI X) is the latest and most advanced level of full digital measurement equipment for emission testing on the fast lane. It is based on the unrivaled and patented TDEMIR real-time technology of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS. A large variety of configuration possibilities makes TDEMI the perfect fitting into your lab and to your application according to all Civil, Military & Avionic Standards (eg CISPR, EN, MIL461, DO-160, Boeing, Airbus & more).

DCT Designs

DCT Designs is a custom woodworking shop accustomed to the unique designs and procedures needed by products used in the EMC test environment… DCT Designs builds Copper-top Tables, Absorber carts or moveable walls, EUT/DUT holders/positioners and small copper screen rooms to order.
DCT Designs

Select Fabricators Inc. designs portable, collapsible, very high attenuation RF EMI shielding tents, curtains, and pouches. Using state-of-the-art conductive fabrics, filters, and entryways, SELECT manufacturers solutions that meet stringent RF isolation and EMI shielding requirements. Select Fabricator's engineering staff will also collaborate with your team to custom design lightweight, collapsible, secure RF security solutions that meet your specific applications. With expertise in industrial sewing, sealing, and ultrasonic welding, Select Fabricators delivers a wide array of flexible packaging solutions to customers' specifications.


Near Field Probes (E & H field), Preamplifiers, Development System Disturbance Emissions, Set HF-Transformer. Pre-compliance EMC test and measuring devices.  Measure Disturbance Immunity: Development System Disturbance Immunity, Magnetic Field Probes, MINI-Burst generators, Field Source Sets, Burst Transformer, Optical Signal Acquisition (1/2/4 channels), Optical Fibre Probe analog, Burst Detectors. Measurement Radiated Emissions.

Raymond EMC

Raymond EMC is a Canadian-headquartered provider of high quality shield rooms and chambers of all types for RF Testing purposes. REMC has experience with automotive, wireless, EMC, Military and other types of specialized test chambers. REMC also offers all needed support equipment including positioning equipment, filters, penetration panels, RF doors, chamber lighting and other accessories.

Ophir RF

Ophir RF makes Power Amplifiers, Systems, Amp Modules & RF/EMC Immunity accessories from DC to 50 GHz. Ophir EMC — OEMC is a new division of Ophir RF. Founded in 2014, it's charter is to design test equipment that is a complement to the Ophir RF amplifier line and is used for Immunity and Susceptibility testing.