Various annual events are highlighted and offered to our friends, families, customers and others that we interface with. Every year, we offer an end-of-summer get-together at the Hollywood Bowl. This informal picnic get-together usually is scheduled for sometime between late August to mid-September. It marks the end of the season for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and their Fireworks Finale concert at the Bowl each year.

2019 July 4th Season
As usual around this time of year, many of our customers, clients and friends like to get involved with some of the professional fireworks shows that seem to regularly come our way.

If you are a Fireworks Affectionado or are just wondering what all the fuss is about, click on our happy, furry friends nearby to be taken to another world...

...But be prepared to never look back, for, as they say:

“He who hath once smelt the smoke is ne'er again free...”

Here's Some Fun Stuff from the Past...

2017 Customer Appreciation Night at the Bowl